How do you teach your children how to read and connect the dots?

How do you teach your children how to read and connect the dots? The answer is simple. Down load out dot to dot pictures!

Now, this is something that many parents overlook and many children don’t realize, but there are literally hundreds of books available in books that are for kids, meant to help them learn how to read. The problem is that, not all of these books are child-friendly. Children who are reading books that have pictures in them might be able to understand, but for the rest of us, it is a bit more difficult.

Children who are “reading” pictures need more than just the language of the books have to offer. They need the pictures and the shapes to go along with it.

Connect the dots to your children. They’ll love the process. Even if they don’t understand what’s going on, you will notice that they’ll keep trying to figure out what the pictures mean.

Remember, pictures are very important. If you can explain the text to your child, but not the pictures, you’ll see that the child will retain far more information.

Children who are learning to read are already working their minds in a multitude of ways. They’re having fun playing games, reading books, solving problems, even studying!

Picture a perfect book, and place one or two dots on a page. Notice the words below the picture, and then ask the child to connect the dots that form the word.

How about the word “pizza”, for example. You might place the word “pizza” on the page with the yellow dot, and the child will try to match the dots in the picture with the word that is on the page.

Use the time of day to connect the dots. If your child is doing well, start with the words and then move on to the pictures. This will make it more fun for your child.

Another way to teach your child how to read and connect the dots is to work through their own method. There are books and software packages that are geared toward teaching children this skill.

How do you connect the dots in your own child? The best way is to have fun while they’re learning! Use the information they learn to connect the dots, to improve their listening and reading skills.